Revolutionary system on practical awareness for sustainable happiness, success, & self-liberation


The Art of Conscious Change is a unique holistic system of wisdom teachings, inner-technologies and practical techniques using consciousness. Realize the depth of your potential to accomplish your life’s purpose with happiness, success, and self-liberation.

The course provides inner-peace and clarity by reducing the effect that all disturbing emotions have on your life and gives you a better understanding of who you really are. You’ll gain a ‘toolbox’ for applying awareness in everyday life to effectively ‘mend’ any situation that you might encounter to effect real and immediate changes in your life.

Day 1: Inner Orientation - Five Body System

On the first day, you will gain a better understanding of your inner world and discover your true essence. You will also learn techniques that enable you to start using your awareness practically. Using those techniques always brings you back to the present moment ( the “here and now”), and connects you to your true self. Remaining in the state of thoughtless awareness brings you focus, clarity, creativity and inner peace.

Day 2: The Conscious Release of Emotions

On day two, you will learn various techniques that can be used in the state of awareness to consciously release ("get rid of") any emotions that disturb your peace of mind. You can use those techniques to liberate yourself from any negative emotions that make you suffer, create problems or are just exhausting. This will help you to focus your energy much more effectively, being more productive and successful in your life.


  • Sustainable happiness, creativity, productivity, and performance

  • Emotional intelligence, freedom, well-being, and collaboration

  • Enhanced leadership, self-management, and relationships

  • Elimination of fear, stress, anxiety, laziness, and blocks

  • Activation of your super conscious genius qualities


  • Two-day experiential, practical course taught by Ingvar Villido

  • Practical easy to apply awareness based techniques and practices

  • Course material workbook and 4-week follow-up support webinar series

“I’ve taken every personal growth and mindfulness course, and yet I’ve transformed more with ACC than all those others combined.”
— Marta P.

“Groundbreaking! It exceeded all of my expectations with a very clear, powerful, and basic framework of how to perceive the world!”
— Miles R.

Proven success

Over 18k people from around the world have benefited from the logical, practical, and effective revolutionary system to transform their life. Participants testify their results to be highly effective with over 96% satisfaction, based on independent 3rd party research study. Today the course is offered in over 10 countries including USA, Germany, and Russia. European media describes it as a “revolutionary new teaching for humankind”.

“The Art of Conscious Change offers a series of tools for a person’s freedom to be, to do, and have anything in life! I love this work so much!”
— Susan D.


By integrating awareness into your practical life, it becomes the basis for adopting a more aware view - one that contains much less noise and mess. In adopting this view you gradually take life under control which is effectively the natural way things should be. The driving forces of your daily life – emotions and thought patterns – will become your tools, and you will become the one who decides for yourself the time and place for using them. Super consciousness qualities such as inspiration, intuition, and insights will also become readily available for you. From the background of everyday noise, a singular state of being – awareness – will start to emerge. Acting in this state raises the quality of life remarkably compared to what you has experienced. Your true-self of being which you had only theoretical ideas or rare glimpses of before will start to reveal itself.


“The course gave me the skills to run 6 businesses all at peak performance and with high energy levels. I like the precision of the techniques.”
— Ville J.



We make available a few partial scholarships for those in need and volunteering opportunities for youth. If you are interested please contact