Human 2.0 has a global mission to upgrade humanity to our highest conscious potential


Human 2.0 is a practical consciousness educational organization with the mission to upgrade humanity to our highest conscious potential. Founded in Estonia in 2008 by Ingvar Villido the creator of the The Art of Conscious Change course series - a highly practical holistic system with inner-technologies that helps people break free of all automatic behaviors to live fully in awareness with super qualities of consciousness.

Human 2.0 was recognized as Estonia’s most successful personal and professional development company in 2017. Europes leading public thought leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs, medical practitioners, behavioral therapists, wellness and mindfulness experts, and academic educators testify to the success of Human 2.0 for their profound transformations along with over 18,000 people from around the globe.

Independent 3rd party evidence-based research has shown the results of Human 2.0 to be highly effective, with an industry leading 96% satisfaction rate. Participants attribute positive improvements in their happiness, wellness, freedom, relationships, emotional intelligence, peace of mind, self-expression, confidence, productivity, and leadership.

Human 2.0 is available in over 10 countries worldwide, including USA, Estonia, Russia, Germany, and more offering its live courses, online lectures, and local practice groups.

This is a revolutionary teaching with the potential to change humankind
— Estonian National Broadcast

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What We've Achieved

  • Over 18,000 successful graduates from courses, trainings, and events

  • Recognized as “Estonia’s most successful educational company”

  • Studies show a 96% satisfaction rate based on an independent research

  • Celebrating 12 years as a pioneer in transformative human technologies

  • Offered in over 10 countries such as USA, Estonia, Germany, and Russia

  • Selected as “Innovative Startup“ for the TransTech Academy Accelerator

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Are you interested in the potential of transformative human-based technologies to help people break free of automatic processes and live in the new paradigm with your being in the primacy of consciousness and awareness? Then join the Human 2.0 revolution!

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